Beurax MLM Ponzi

Beurax MLM Ponzi Scam Review 2021

This Beurax MLM Ponzi Scam review will help you to keep more of your crypto and fiat currency in your pocket. While money can be made from trading cryptocurrencies, not all potential opportunities out there are legitimate. Approach each offer with caution and you’ll be able to find the gems and avoid the pitfalls.

Is Beurax MLM a Ponzi Scam?

In a Ponzi scam, people who join the scheme early are paid by using money that’s put into the scheme by affiliates who join later on. While there are usually a few schills who know what is happening, many of the affiliates who talk about Beurax and other similar schemes in a positive way are not aware that they are being paid from the money that others put in. Those affiliates think that the money that is paid to them under the Compensation Plan is money earned through legitimate trading

Beurax claim that they generate a profit from trading crypto daily. They say that their revenue is around 4% but if they were truly making this much money, wouldn’t they just get funding from a large source and keep the profits for themselves? it’s easy to think that they are just looking out for the small person but in life, it is unusual to see anyone being that willing to give small people an opportunity.

Besides, if they were looking out for the small woman or man, why not give the small person an equal cut of the revenue? The entire network is set up to encourage people to bring as much cash as possible in, whether by investing a large sum yourself or by encouraging others to join. Through their Compensation Plan, you’ll earn more for referring more people. You’ll also earn more for investing your money for a longer time.

Of course you can make money trading cryptocurrency. In the same way that traders make money with Forex or even by trading stocks, you can trade Ehternet, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to make money. if you’re really good at it, you can even make a nice profit.

Some people who have a fair amount of crypto in their wallets don’t have the time to trade and so they look for profitable platforms where trading i s done by other people. Some people will even say that they use trading bots to monitor the markets for them but even then, they are unlikely to get a consistent return every day.

All legitimate companies are required to list contact information, such as their legitimate address and phone number, as well as the names of the people who direct and own the company. information on Beurax is not available. You don’t have much information about who its owner is and you don’t know a lot about any other person who runs the company

While the owner is said to be Brandon Watts, you cannot find any information about him online. it is unusual for anyone in this day and age to not have a digital footprint. Most people should be able to use their skills to search Google and find out more about the CEO but very little information s available.

You don’t know anything about the traders who monitor the bots and the amount of experience they have or even if they are real people. if you are going to ask someone else to trade your money for you, it is vital that they at least have the same amount of experience that you do. You don’t know what type of experience the traders who are supposedly associated with this company have. 

When people invest money with a company, they usually look for owners who have some sort of experience in the industry. You have no way of knowing if the individuals who founded Beurax have any experience with cryptocurrency. Beurax has only been a registered company for a short time. They were registered in June 2020, so they don’t yet have a proven track record.

If they have only been around for a few months, they have no real way of demonstrating that they can consistently generate the type of profits that they claim they can. They were founded in the midst of a pandemic, at a time when markets were unpredictable and yet they say that they have been able to generate consistent profits. it is something to be cautious with.

No External Proof

If you’ve thought of investing your crypto with Beurax, you must have wondered how they’ve validated their claims that they can make 4% every day. Have you seen the trades that they have been involved in, which have helped them to make that type of money? Do you know whether the trades actually took place?


Companies should be audited on a regular basis to ensure that inaccurate information is not being used to give investors a false impression. There is no evidence that Beurax has been audited at nay point in time. There is no evidence that they have any real trading going on, apart from figures that they provide.


 An objective third party has not looked at their company information and validated it, so that investors can be sure whatever they are seeing on the website is factual. The fact is, they could state that they are making 8% or 40% on the site and you would have no way to be sure that the statement was accurate.

ASIC Incomplete

Beurax has filed their initial application with ASIC. Any new business owner can apply in the same way, by filling out the form. Applying is not proof that a business is successfully doing what it claims. While this is good and does give them a measure of credibility, they have not yet competed the process. They haven’t sent in any other documents in addition to their initial application.

An MLM network allows people to earn at different levels based on the number of people they bring into a network. For example, if a company sells granola bars, an individual at the lowest level, who has not brought anyone into the network, will earn less than someone at a higher level, who has brought 20 people into the network.


In an MLM, network people are rewarded for bringing more people in and that encourages them to keep speaking positively about the company, even when things may be going wrong. In a legitimate MLM network, a real product or service is offered. As more people are brought into the network, the business grows because there are more people generating a profit by selling the product or offering the service that is associated with the business.


With Beurax, the only real source of income is trading. The company does not benefit significantly by having more people come into the network with small sums of money, so how can it pay out earnings based on the number of new people you introduce? It’s not a profitable business model because it would reduce the money that is earned by trading.

Beurax pays you a profit on your money based on the amount that you invest. People who invest the least, will get about 1% every day. People who invest the most get 4% every day. if you invest the least and only collect 1% every day, you should be able to collect 30% in all on your money after just a month.


This can be really tempting because who doesn’t want to get back that much for doing nothing? The fact is though, that if they can really make that much money every day, legitimate investors should be beating down their door to give them cash. if they can prove that they will make that much, small business people would be rushing to give them their money and increase their capital. There aren’t any testimonials from people who are doing that. Putting your money with them is a big risk.

No Easy Escape

Once you decide to invest with Beurax, your money will not be available until the investment term is over. This is a typical trick used by Ponzi schemes. It gives them breathing room to pay out cash to older investors.


Since new investors have their money locked for thirty days or more, the [people running the Ponzi can enjoy spending the money and giving a little cash to investors for a while. Schills are always working to bring new people into the network and those new people are a fresh source of money.


Beurax MLM is a Ponzi scam. While you can make money trading cryptocurrency, it’s difficult to predict how much you will make each day. Even the best traders will not make 4% every day consistently. Those that are very good traders, are not very likely to take a huge risk with other people’s money in an environment where certain protections are not in place for them. it is a risky endeavor, to place your money with any venture that makes profit claims that are too far beyond the norm.