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Digital Solutions 2020

Digital Solutions 2020

SP Digital Consultants services include:

  1. Social media management
    1. Single social media accounts or multiple 
    2. Design content and posting using the 3 – 3 – 1 posting method
    3. Organically audience growth
    4. Audience interaction 
    5. Using negative comments – positive 
  2. Websites
    1. Hosting – we can provide also get you you own hosting
    2. Design and build 
    3. Fully optimise websites
    4. SEO
    5. Google enhancement to first page of google 
  3. Mapping
    1. Pinned business location on google maps
    2. Business location for social networks 
    3. Others include yelp and apple 
    4. Update new posts and pictures also products on google
  4. Design
    1. Using latest 4k design technology for posters, posts, leaflets etc 
    2. Animated social media posts
    3. Words in video posts
    4. Pdf’s, and presentations 
  5. Bridging pages 
    1. Product page or service aim to drive traffic to the main website
    2. Capture pages to gather potential customer information
    3. Provides main website a direct stream of real buyers 
    4. Funnel systems 
  6. Video productions
    1. Using apple cameras and local people to film the production
    2. Edit and create film
    3. Intros and endtros 
    4. Distributions on social networks 
  7. Online shops
    1. Instagram shop ( customers buy direct )
    2. Facebook shop ( customer by direct )
    3. Back linking to main website 
  8. Paid traffic 
    1. Ppc on social networks 
    2. Target and non target audience
    3. Building fan base 
    4. Steady flow of traffic to website 
  9. Out The Box Thinking
    1. We have removed the box
    2. Anything online and digital we can provide or do ( providing its legal )
    3. Affiliate marketing
    4. Presentations – live audience 
    5. Facebook pixels 
    6. Local and national research
    7. Drop shipping
    8. White label products 
    9. Combined Social Media Fan Base of over 500k 

Digital Solutions 2020

How SP Digital Consultants can help Your Business.

Provide Bridging pages for each product also press releases 

Add a blog – either on main website or create a new one purposely to drive traffic to the main website, each post will be detailed, high seo,fully optimised, email capture, also with links to social networks (  including a facebook pixel on this too )  

What we need: 

  • website hosting – we can arrange 
  • Alternatively – access to main website or white labeled site 
  • Access to social networks to integrate all that needs too
  • Alternatively your smm adds what is required 

This will definitely increase the traffic that goes to your main website, it will also give your main website further authenticity, organic and essential backlinks. All in aim to get your website on the first page of search engines – ie google. When potential customers search for cbd oil, or legalised cannabis products  etc, your business will be there in that search.

Social Networks 

SP Digital Consultants can look after all you social networks on a daily basis 

-social networks includes: 

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest 
  • Google posting ( business page )
  • Youtube 

Posting as required using the 3 – 3 – 1 process, also using my stories on instagram and facebook to highlight your business’s unique selling points. Posting on special occasions and events, also using alerts for us to identify new posts from the local or national news  

Organically Building and engaging with fans (fb pixel can help us with this ) 

If required and requested we can do a ppc campaign on social networks 

Pinterest is a massive digital marketing tool open to use for everyone – has great potential for your products and driving a new audience direct to your website. We have a combined network that has a massive reach – we can do a very detailed  post for each product linking direct to your website ( bridging pages and blog posts can provide this operation ) how else this helps your business is when a potential customer searches on google and clicks on pictures – all your will be there on the first page, including details and your shop website.

Youtube. As a Google product it is essential this is set up correct and performed in the right way, this again is a massive marketing tool and providing your  potential customers and also regular customers an information gateway. 

We can correctly set up the channel, provide all your videos the correct seo, and outlinks that’s required. All videos need an intro and endtro – we can produce both, this then gives 

recognition to who you are and people know who the are watching. The fanbase and likes will come, organically. ( we can provide a campaign to gain fans but we do prefer an organic reach)

We also use two exclusive social marketing platforms that helps us analyse and target further information regarding your social networks, thus enhancing posting performance and audience guidance. Your social networks will be added to these.  


Designing new posts for social networks, graphic, media and video ads, all will have your logo on, all done inhouse using 4k quality designing software, designed specifically for each social network as all networks are different picture and video sizes, giving your business the recognition it does deserve. 


Providing you with the digital footprint that will make your business be seen and found anywhere online, generating thousands of backlinks, thus driving an organic growth on your social networks that then provides your website for ready to buy customers. Totally maximising your business online exposure.